MADE℠ is a performance board sports manufacturer that has abandoned traditional construction in favor of next-generation additive manufacturing processes. We create hyper-customized performance gear that is an extension of your body - made possible through VOLUME™, our mobile performance analytics tracking application.

We've come up with a better way to design and build surfboards, sailboards, kiteboards and paddleboards.

Currently the gear you buy isn't made for you. It's designed by average - an average of body types and sizes, constructed using toxic chemicals and made in low-wage paying overseas factories, costing you and costing our environment.

Through a revolutionary approach to design and cutting-edge 3D printing technology, MADE has developed a new way to design, create, and manufacture high-performance windsurfing, kitesurfing, surf and paddle SmartBoards™. Historically, this technology has been too expensive to implement for end-use products and parts, MADE takes it beyond cost-effective because our design process.

Our approach combines a performance tracking board design application, embedded SmartBoard chips and additive manufacturing to create hyper-custom sail, kite, paddle, and surf SmartBoards designed for you. We're using technology to simplify the process of finding the right board, while improving the experience of riding and progressing through your sport.

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