Video documentation of the Solstice LAMP installation, exhibited at Vivid Sydney in May/June 2013.

A purpose-built computer program creates an integrated interactive experience that reaches from the forecourt of the AMP skyscraper to the top of the building, using projectors, 3D sensors, lasers and generative music. The AMP building forecourt is activated by two Microsoft Kinect tracking cameras and two projectors. The computer program receives the tracking data and translates it into animated projections and musical sounds that map to people's movement through the space. An ambient soundscape is overlaid with scores selected in response to the interaction, effectively turning people into co-authors of the dynamic artwork by allowing them to "play" the installation. Visualisations created on the floor are translated into an animation in response to real-time contextual conditions (number of people present in the space, size of shapes created, etc). High-powered lasers were used to project the animated origami imagery onto the building facade.

Oliver Bown - creative team
Luke Hespanhol - creative team
Martin Tomitsch - creative team
Miriama Young - creative team
Reuben Young - creative team
Mark Mitchell - generative animation programming
Andrew Hasler - rigging consultant
Rob Taylor - audio engineer
Luis Jofre - audio consultant
Kay Armstrong - choreographer
Jay Bailey, Nerida Godfrey, Sean Marcs - dancers
Digital Pulse - origami animations
Concert Lighting Systems - rigging and consultation
Oracle Attractions - laser projectors and consultation
Turra Music - speakers
One Ski Digital Media Productions - video documentation and photos

Sponsored by:
Amplify Festival
Vivid Sydney
University of Sydney
Design Lab
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Digital Pulse

Read more about the project at

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