Identify Your Child's Talent

Hello and Welcome to the KidandParent Show ! I am shabna. Every child on earth is gifted. Every child has an inborn talent that should be explored as your child grows. Talent may be for anything like singing, playing a musical instrument, drawing, math or sports. In today's show we are going to look at ways of identifying your child's talent and developing it.
"* Start by understanding your child’s interests. As a parent, you are the best judge of your child's likes, dislikes, and interests.
* The more you observe your child's play and activities the more accurate your assessment will be.
* Find out which activity he approaches with ease. Look for things that captivate his interest. Find out things that make him feel confident.
* Observe the topics on which he has a lot of questions. This is a sign of his interest in the particular field.
* If you find that your child has an inclination for a specific activity, do not stop there. Continue to explore. Your child may have multiple interests.
* Talk to your kid and ask him what he really likes.

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