Sweeping the dust from the floor of a room,

spreading the dust in another room

so it won’t be noticed.

Continuing daily

Allan Kaprow, 1995

Cleaning Conditions: An Homage to Allan Kaprow Suzanne Lacy
Do It, an exhibition by Hans Ulrich Obrist for Manchester International Festival at Manchester Art Gallery, 2013


Manchester International Festival and Manchester Art Gallery present do it 20 13, a groundbreaking exhibition that turns the notion of viewing into an active and performative encounter between artist and visitor.
do it 20 13 is a growing series of written artists’ instructions, each of which is interpreted anew every time it is enacted. These instructions range from the active and the absurd to the profound and the philosophical, some to be accomplished at the Gallery and others to be taken away and carried out at home.

This video documents Suzanne Lacy's performance 'Cleaning Conditions' which takes cleaners and the act of sweeping as its starting point. Nine rooms in the gallery were swept for eight days by people who are not cleaners. Lacy is interpreting Kaprow’s instruction through the lenses of gender and activism, provocatively framing the instruction in terms of the social and political climate in Manchester. Conversations on immigration, class and the struggle for global equity will be framed within a context of current issues in women’s role in the care and service industries and the corporatisation of such labour.
act of sweeping as its starting point

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