Our Semi-Private CrossFit approach is the first and only of its kind. We believe in a progressive program design that places safety and progression before high intensity demands. Our numbers are few; our contributions are numerous; our results are long-lasting and safe.
Teaching is primarily concerned with the delivery of skills and knowledge to our Clients. In this role, our Team endeavors to develop a synergy of effort to instill an open and effective academic environment. This environment is rarely a formal classroom; rather, it will occur during all phases of training to include inside and outside the gym. We use our teaching skills to foster a climate that encourages our Clients to want to learn and continue to develop the knowledge base necessary for life-long results.
Coaching is the ability of our Staff to take the myriad skills and abilities of CrossFit and teach it to someone who has no exercise experience in a Semi-Private setting. Coaching is wide-ranging and uses aspects of teaching to develop the safe and efficient movement needed for true progression. We are not simply “rep-counters”, instead we foster a deep interest in efficient movement. Efficient movement is safe, and what is safe can be done for a long time. Long enough for you to reach your goals and keep them for life. If “Form is King” then Coaching is the King’s Accountant.

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