July 14, 2013
Ninth & O Baptist Church in Louisville, KY - naobc.org

Acts: Taking it to the Streets
Across the Street and Around the World: Taking the Gospel to the Demon’s Playground

Acts 13:1-12

1.) Don’t be surprised when God changes your direction: The Mission Begins (13:1-3)
a.) 13:1a: A Cosmopolitan City
b.) 13:1b: A Diverse Leadership Team
c.) 13:2: A Divine Interruption
- Proverbs 16:9
- Proverbs 3:5-6
d.) 13:3: The congregational send off
- “We see in these verses the church’s twofold task. The vocation of the church is to be simultaneously
preoccupied with God and with the world. God has established the church to be both a worshiping
and witnessing community.” (J. R. W. Stott)

2.) Assaulting the Devil’s Playground: The War is On (13:4-12)
a.) 13:4-5: A strategic approach
b.) 13:6-8: A Satanic Counterattack
c.) 13:9-12: Saul, filled with the Holy Spirit, goes on the offensive.

3.) Some final thoughts. . .
- “Our world is the bloody battlefield for the war of all wars between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom
of darkness – between God’s truth and the devil’s lies – between false religion and God’s way –
between spiritual forces of evil and God’s children. Intercessions, using the sword of God’s Word, and
speaking God’s truth boldly, are the weapons that will win the battle of the ages. Faithful warriors are
needed for this conflict. Are you enlisted for battle? (John R. W. Stott)

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