Dynamis (2013)
Directed and Produced by Josh Planz and Mike Huang the The School of Visual Arts.

Dynamis is a cyberpunk sci-fi 3D animated action / adventure. Adventurer and explorer
Aura finds herself at the mercy of a swarm of relentless energy-draining beasts, but with the selfless
sacrifice of an unexpected ally she gains the power and courage to face off with them.

See more, including our presskit at dynamisfilm.com

Full Credits:

Thesis Group Advisors:

Steve Rittler
Gong Myung Lee (Story / Pipeline)
Goo Shun Wang (Cameras / Story)
David Mellor (FX)
Everett Kane (Story / Lighting / Char Design)
In Pyo Hong (Shaders)
Jesse Flores (Textures)
Edgar Grana (Sound)


Nick Pauly (Cellist)
Chris Woll (Original Music By)
Emily Hamel - sound fx recording
Sound Editing / FX / Conforming
John Mattiuzzi (Sound / Story)

Modeling, Texturing, Shading:

Mike Huang
Josh Planz

Special FX and Character Simulation:

Mike Huang

Additional FX:

Daniel Sierra (Hive Hologram)

Rigging and Lighting:

Josh Planz


Mike Huang
Josh Planz

Additional Animation:
Heejin Kim
Yagmur Altan

Matte Painting:

Lauren O’Connell
Robert Babboni
Edward Chow
Meng Ru Chiang


Mike Huang
Josh Planz
Steinar Bergoeynedrebo

Featuring the Voices of:

Milan DelVecchio (Voice of Aura / Dynamis reference acting / Aura voice sound fx)
Steiner Bergoeynedrebo
Adam Hutchison (Cries of the Reapers)

Previs Actors:

Samantha Friedman
Greg Tapper
Kamil Nawratil
Steiner Bergoeynedrebo
Josh Fraioli
Ga Hyun Kim
Lamees Nejim

scene and shot organization:

Jen Hurler

Special Thanks:

John Mattiuzzi
Jarryd Lowder
Michael Swartz (Additional Rendering and Tech Support)
Todd Brous (Story Advice)
Bruce Wands and the MFA Computer Art Faculty
Our Families, Friends and SVA Class

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