I began thinking about the pyronado soon after finishing my desk. That was 3 years ago. Originally I used a PVC tube instead of glass and a plastic computer fan as proof of concept. Well the the PVC released extremely toxic fumes and the fan melted almost immediately, but for some reason I figured the thing would work.
Progress was at a halt until about a year later I randomly found a metal fan on eBay. I also found a large pyrex tube originally used in the 80s to bake round loafs of bread.  About this time I thought to name this contraption the pyronado (pyro + tornado). After that I couldn't possibly not make it.
Essentially, the pyronado is a flame source (kevlar soaked in denatured alcohol) inside of a glass tube (to contain the vorticity), over a fan. The current version has some of bells and whistles, like an adjustable speed fan, and an electrical ignition system.
The first Pyronado was successfully made about 4 months ago. The difference between it and its successor was the lack of an electrical ignition system. Before I would have to light the pyronado by hand, which was a pain. Now I press a button and 120V from an outlet heat up nichrome wire to glow red hot.
History of the Pyronado:
V0.0: PVC tube and plastic computer fan
V1.0: Glass tube, metal vent base, and adjustable speed metal fan
V2.0: Electrical ignition, L-bracket base
In the future I'd like to add multicolored flames, and possibly, but not likely, a continuous fuel supply. I'm also now wondering if I can still bake bread with it.

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