Nikos Deja Vu - 160 epic quotes by Arnnie Frankenfurter (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Now, why I call him Arnnie Frankenfurter? Read this:
Arnnie Frankenfurter (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was a bonus Allied unit in Yuri's Revenge in the mission "Hollywood and Vain".
Frankenfurter makes an appearance during Allied Mission 2: Hollywood and Vain of the Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge campaign. He is one of the three real life Hollywood action heroes to make appearance in the game and can be controlled by the player to make a stand against Yuri's invasion.
Arnnie Frankenfurter is a reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger in his role as the T~800 in The Terminator franchise and the game also refers to other Schwarzenegger films in his unit lines including Eraser, Total Recall and Predator...
Take this girly man! ~Arnnie
Ingame he is armed with a minigun able to take on infantry and vehicles easily but cannot target stuctures. Frankenfurter's immunity to mind control makes him useful in combating Yuri Clones.
He makes an appearance with the other Hollywood heroes in Allied Mission 2: Hollywood and Vain where, once discovered, can be controlled by the player.


Your orders, give them to me!
I'm pumped up!
Find me something to terminate!
I'm ready to rumble!
Nice night for a walk!
You're terminated!
You've been erased!
Let me pump you up!
It's judgement day!
Take this girly man!
We got company!
Things are not good here!
We are under attack!
More predators!
You can't control me!!!
I still have total recall
My mind is my own!!!

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