A/V Performance Display Area
Neslihan Özgür / Multimedia Designer
2011 - IEU - Graduation Project
It is a project of experience of rhythm. What enlivens an inanimate space is a living organism. In this project the living organism is human and its movements.
The project relies on the principle of action and reaction, and it runs by a performance that represents human and its effect on the environment.
It is an audio-visual performance display area that creates sound by employing movement sensors and pressure sensors, and lights by employing LED's. The main purpose is to create light and sound by using bodily movements. The setup consists of four movement sensors, and nine pressure sensors. Each sensor has its own assigned sound, and within this, each sound is being separated by a vu-meter and sent to the LED illuminated areas. The sounds that are determined according to the artists own performance concept, strengthens the meaning of the performance.
The project is constructed as to be developed and make progress. The project also allows changes in sounds even during the action of the performance.

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