My brother bought this sweet Chevrolet Impala from 1971 a while back and ever since we wanted to make a video with it. It's such a beautiful car, that you just have to do something with on film.
We're playing with the idea of creating a longer narrative project with a story and I wanted to test out some shots/styles, mainly driving shots from the outside.
I sort of missed the first wave of the Film Convert hype, but I just bought the Plugin for FCP X and it is really lovely. It takes the Sony FS100 digital look completely out of the image and makes it very organic. I've been playing with different looks, but I quite like the one in this video (Details at the end).
I used the fabulous F&V Lighting Z180s to light my brother inside the car. I used the diffusion filter with the CTO to create a warm hair light and just added some fill from the front to expose him more against the background.

For these shots and the edit, I am rather inspired by the "Supernatural" TV Series that has the same car in it, but I wanted a really organic, rather grainy look as it works nicely with the subject.

We shot this all in about an hour at around 7pm on an overcast day. No sound was recorded, but all added later in post.

Gear used:

Sony FS100
Samyang 35mm F1.4 & Samyang 24mm F1.4
Schneider Neutral Density 1.2 4x5.65 filter
F&V Z180 for indoor shots.
Genus Elite Mattebox, Genus Universal Baseplate & GAP Adapter plate
Kessler Crane Shuttlepod Mini with Bowl insert
Sachtler ACE M head
Zacuto EVF and Top Handle
Final Cut Pro X
Film Convert

I find it kind of refreshing to do something creative with the footage you shot, because everyone's after clean footage with high resolution, so adding grain and trying to get the film colour was a nice change from the usual.

Music: Laugh I nearly died - The Rolling Stones

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