Submitted to the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival, focusing on PLURAL+ themes: migration, diversity and social inclusion. Drop It, has been selected for the PLURAL+ 2013 Universal Forum Of Cultures Foundation Award and PLURAL+ 2013 Belgrade Media Education Center Award.

This video entitled “Drop it” is an attempt to highlight the multiple dimensions of the concept of diversity, which is seemingly a notion that separates peoples and nations, it is however in essence a tool through which the world can be united in a vibrant, colorful and creative way.
The planet is inhabited by 7 billion people; each and every one different, but simultaneously the same with each other. Ethic, social religious, gender and other discrepancies, instead of being viewed an opportunity to learn from each other are perceived as inequalities, which lead to bias, discrimination and exclusion of the target groups selected for this video.
The protagonists of this video, coming from different age groups, social, educational and ethnic backgrounds bleed and ache literally, but also on a second level, live, communicate and interact through their blood, which unites them and highlights the common ground of human nature, their mortality and inevitable end.
The title of the video “Drop it” makes use of both the literal meaning of the word drop (i.e. drop of blood) as well as the metaphorical meaning of the argo phrase “drop it” which is linked to letting go and moving on to change, development and evolution away from stereotypes, focusing on the powerful message of unity and social cohesion.

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