RIN, the Relocation Information Network, is a non-commercial network, established exclusively for international Human Resources and Compensation & Benefits staff.

Unlike most other Human Resources networks, RIN is only accessible to employees of multinational companies and institutions that are directly involved with expat related issues.
The RIN network encourages the personal contact between people that share the same business challenges, knowledge and experience.

RIN offers you a platform to share information on international mobility issues, that otherwise can only be obtained from expensive commercial providers, which generally use the same sources that you have at hand now.

RIN has been active ever since 1995, stimulating participants from multinational corporations to share the latest information on complex expat related issues and constantly changing international regulations.

Are you too responsible for the expats in your company, their problems with work and residence permits, tax issues, travel expenses, accommodation, removals and other relevant matters? Then join the RIN network chapter in your region and share your problems, but also your experience and knowledge with colleagues in your region and around the world.

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