Looked everywhere, and nobody had any solid info on how to do this.

The screen in my adapter has a few spots on it (as seen in my previous 'Apples' video). I looked up how to clean it, but never really got any solid info. Isopropyl alcohol was the best bet, so I went and bought some, and grabbed my camera.

I decided to try it on a screen I already had, not the one in the adapter. I don't have any footage with the screen from before the cleaning, but since this worked out pretty well I'm probably going to try it on my other one.

So yeah even though there was no "before" footage, you can see that there was no damage caused by the cleaning. There is a small scratch at the bottom of the screen, but that could've been just too deep for this to get rid of. Even then, if I crop to a different aspect ratio it'll be gone.

This isn't exactly a tutorial or 'how to' video, but it didn't really cause any harm, so if you've got steady hands- go for it.

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