Part of the Master Project:
Governance. Democracy. Delete.
Das Internet zwischen Politik, Ökonomie und Selbstregulierung.

We are living in an era of profound and fast change. Change that reaches so deep,
affecting many cultural, social and political aspects of our global society.

People have finally come to understand that the world wide web is powerful and
here to stay. Therefore many try to take control.
The interests are bountiful: Governments and regimes attempt to restrain online
activity, networks are being supervised and in numerous cases even censored,
citizens are being monitored, anonymous communication is at risk of being eliminated,
and big economic players threaten the great variety and innovation that
the internet has bestowed upon nothing before.

Our present society has been formed by the past. The future will be defined by
the decisions we make now. I do not claim that this is an easy challenge nor will
the steps along this path be clear and certain. But we live in a time where we can
and must take part in shaping the world for future generations. (small pause)
If we fail to do so, it will be more than difficult to reverse the mistakes we are
about to make.

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