Keynote Title: Architecture-based Services Innovation

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Henderik A. Proper

Keynote Chair: Dr. Stephen Mellor

Presented on: 06-07-2013

Abstract: In this presentation we will relate the field of enterprise architecture to the domain of service science. We start with a discussion of the field of enterprise architecture, its goals and core ingredients. Then we continue with a discussion on the added value of enterprise architecture to service engineering and innovation. Where service engineering typically focuses on the engineering and innovation of specific services (or a group of highly interrelated services), enterprise architecture considers the bigger picture by guarding the alignment to the business strategy, while also ensuring cohesion between different key aspects of an enterprise, such as business services, business processes and IT support. This role of enterprise architecture also brings about several challenges to the modelling languages used to represent these architectures. We will therefore, also highlight some of these challenges and potential ways of dealing with them.

Presented at the following Conferences: ICEIS, International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and ENASE, International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering

Angers Loire Valley, France
July 2013

Conferences Websites: and

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