Tues 10.13.09 - This afternoon I decided to conduct a test with the trial Nokia N86 camera phone and my trusty & slightly rusty Nokia N95 camera phone.

I wanted to test the close up / macro mode of the camera as I have noticed that the N86 for all of its 8 megapixel wonder and Carl Zeiss wide angle lens does not get very close or very sharp close ups. It may be in part to the wide angle lens and it may be in part due to the image processing software/algorithms.

I conducted a two part experiment:
Part I - I lined up two small objects next to a ruler and put the Nokia N86 and N95's online with the 0 mark and then moved the objects up and down the ruler while both camera's were set to close up mode. The Nokia N86 could only focus well when the objects were 3 inches / 7.62 cm away and when the objects were 2.5 inches / 6.35 cm away the N86 could not focus on them. In contrast, the Nokia N95 could focus clearly at 3 inches, pretty darned well at 2.5 inches, and crapped out at 2 inches.
Part II - I took both camera phones outside in the wind with the ruler and went to shoot a local hibiscus flower that was waving in the wind. I used the rule to approximate 3 inches from the top of the pistol/stamen of the hibiscus and shot with both cameras to see how each would handle a moving subject at 3 inches away. Once again the N95 performed better and was able to snap the end of the pistol/stamen and the N86 focused about 1 cm farther down the flower.

Please note that this experiment was conducted with the Nokia N86's firmware at the version 11 (v. 20 is to be released soon with camera software fixes) and the N95's software is version 31 (a more mature firmware with quite a few camera updates).

The most ironic part of this video is that the Nokia N86 in video mode does not have a close up mode and it did not focus even at a 8 to 12 inches away but the video focused best about 1.5 feet away.

I am looking forward to the Nokia N86 upcoming firmware update.

This video was captured by Ms. Jen of blackphoebe.com with a Nokia N86.

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