- As the sound of paintball pellets rips through the mid morning air, Gary "Big Rig" Dunn dives behind a concrete barrier, pausing only a moment before jumping up and taking aim at the enemy.

Somewhere between Seneca and Wyandotte, OK, off Interstate 44, paintball players from all over the world gather at Oklahoma D-Day, the World's Largest Paintball Event (

"Normally we have about 3000 to 4000 people playing at one time," Gary explains. "We've got people from all over the world here: South Africa, Australia, United States, Canada, just for a few places."

The main game takes place on Saturday. And true to its name, D-Day is like going back in time, storming Utah and Omaha Beach. "We're gonna do what they did back then," Gary says. "We're going to be taking over." About 8 or 9 hours long, the D-Day game unfolds on a 750 acre battlefield.

At some point during the game, Gary even drives his M818 tractor truck around the field, theoretically using it as a tank. When it's not being shot at, the truck, purchased from, carries people and supplies and also pulls an M447 command trailer that hauls tools and camping gear.

Gary explains that he started out with one vehicle, then three, and his collection has been growing every since. "I started finding ones I liked," he says. "I just kept looking till I found things that I thought we could use."

Gary has also become an entrepreneur, buying products in bulk that the other players may need on the battlefield, including camelbaks and rucksacks, that he sells at a fraction of the retail price. "Camelbaks are absolutely necessary out here," he says. "I do buy 300 to 400 of them at a time and help my guys out. It saves them money and it makes me a little bit to come up here."

To find vehicles or camping gear to outfit your paintball team, visit today!

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