Tilte / Some color for the nature.

Mural / Manolis Anastassakos

At a time when the socio-political problems plaguing the whole world to our attention daily, a look at the nature , worths always more than a mention and a comment. Tons of ink lately been poured out for what the politicians and the political structure of the whole world can not express. Democracy commands every natural extension of the logic and the criticism thinking for a better tomorrow and we only ink and color we love and honor, are among the papers of a gram, with the little ink on, we call money. Blame no money, the man is to blame in that latency, needs raise a manifest content dark, selfish from materialism, out any prospect of reciprocity, brotherhood , understanding, love and respect for our fellow man ..... and our self. So, I come back to nature. This forgotten wise teacher, not deprived ever love and creative prompts. We have forgot nature. I believe the environment will remind us strongly one day that what we now employ pettiness and selfish paths on the altar of profit. Nature does not discriminate among rich and poor and one day, will answer certainly and bring us back to reality. In other words, the gray of our environment, can not be above nature, gray interior environment, could be (painted) with wisdom and cordiality for everyone and everything as in nature. I have no solutions in how to make a better society through the political structure, because it's like I'm planting in burnt earth, but I feel ,that nature has answers and examples for everyone.

With love for the environment.
A look at the forgotten wise teacher.
A little color for nature.

With the kind support of:
Marios Syrianos
Athens Video Art Festival
Hoteliers Association of Greece

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