The Standard Spa, Miami team gets PHYSICAL to celebrate this week's STANDARD SWIM, where the hotel is hosting various swimwear designer showcases and programming (insert link to previous post about standard swim)

The Standard Spa and Fitness team whipped out wristbands and leg warmers to re-enact one of the most iconic 80's video's, Olivia Newton John's "Physical" - featuring various staff members across various departments at the hotel.


Olivia Newton-John: Liana Schmidt, Director -- Food & Beverage Operations
Bathtub Guy: Vince Updyke -- Barback
Massage Guy: Marcello Ibanez -- Pool Server
Hamam Tattoo Guy #1: Turner Elliott - Membership Manager
Hamam Tattoo Guy #2: Asher - Fitness Instructor
Beautiful Blond Guy: Cameron Uranick - Paddle Boarding Coordinator

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