STEIM Residency Recital Amsterdam

This piece is dedicated to the GEZI BEWEGUNG.
To the humble ask of the folk for their basic human rights.
A country on an operation table. The cancer has to be removed. It will be done by the folk themselves.

Muhyiddin Abdal - Text
Fazil Say - Muse of the Music

Ninel Çam - Dance
Maciej Walczak - Video and lighting
Frank Mauceri - Saxophone and digital processing

Maciej Walczak lives and works in Łódź. I n the 1980’s, he was one of the first generation of video artists developing software for live performance. In the 90’s, he pioneered networked ensembles of computer video instruments. He currently experiments with alternative controllers including flight-simulator controls and head tracking.

Composer, saxophonist Frank Mauceri has developed a performance repertoire based on saxophone coupled with interactive computer signal processing. He often uses multi-agent systems for controlling sound synthesis. He teaches at Bowdoin College in southern Maine (US).

Ninel Çam van Chapull, Stuttgart - Istanbul, is active as a choreographer, dancer, and vocalist. She currently researches relationships between architectural space and the movement of the body.

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