In 2014 Wing Commander Andy Green will take the all British Supersonic Car Bloodhound SSC from zero to 1050 mph and back to zero is just 120 seconds! In those few seconds Andy will cover 12 miles, break the sound barrier and smash his current land speed record of 763 mph, once again confirming him as the fastest man on earth and Great Britain as a giant in the world of land speed records. That is why we are calling it an Engineering Adventure!

If you have any interest in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) then the Bloodhound project is your wildest dream, not only because of the car and the records, but because of it's more important role as a living breathing education focused project, designed to inspire young people in the UK to become the much needed next generation of STEM professionals and lead UK PLC into a bright future.


Luke loves all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths based and wants to pass that passion on to anyone, especially our youngsters, to help create the next generation of STEM professionals, that is why he is an Ambassador for the Bloodhound project. In his day job Luke is employed as an Engineering Trouble Shooter working on food manufacturing machinery. He has 15 years experience in the design of special purpose machinery and is a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

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