Sometimes I think that these trees are alive just like us, each one with a beautiful soul, maybe it's the romantic in me or simply remembering the ones we love and the ones we lost that still look over us.

So I finally found some time today to pick up my GH3 and this time I used my iPhone4S to control it using the Lumix App and Wi-Fi, I was blown away by the extra ability to control the camera as I attached it to the tractor-jib at nearly 5 metres height, it's so brilliant opening up all possibilities. I love the focus control which works great with the macro lens as well. Now please come and join me for a few moments for a trip down to the Orchard:) picture of tractor jib or crane that I used for the vertical shots screenshot of the iPhone used to control the GH3

Music by the super awesome Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'The Power of Love' from the 12" mix of the song. Holly Johnson is such an amazing singer that nearly 30 years later this song is ever so more powerful than before, buy it at

Please watch 'Our Orchard' made 3 years ago.

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