The ability to send e-mail with excellent readability

Markdown the original, was created by focusing an expression that was used as a habit to e-mail creation.

#, **, -,> Symbols such as, in order to more readable in text-based e-mail, The variety of markdown, be used in the e-mail is actually a rare expression of lightweight.

So, we will ship as soon as the ability to send e-mail the document itself that consideration of such points is expressed markdown document is converted.

Now, please send an email with haroopad an excellent easy to read by reducing the discomfort of a WYSIWYG to create an e-mail message.

You will be able for the sender and receiver to the same idea through the mail. :-)

The e-mail function, and blog posts that have been focused

Markdown is a markup for text document lightweight and very friendly Web.

Markdown format known widely in Github is now often used as well as e-mail, blog, development documents, also and wikis.

When it is converted to HTML than what you see to the self, markdown is more powerful.

You have a built-in blog feature of tumbler that support mark-down by using the scale like this. Blog is also available in another pad of the day. "Post using the e-mail" reference

We also have plans in conjunction with the blog system more future.

Music "Bicycle Waltz" by Goodbye Kumiko (

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