Daily NK, an acclaimed civil society-based online periodical headquartered in Seoul responsible for breaking major news stories from inside North Korea, is raising funds on Indiegogo (indiegogo.com/projects/project-daily-nk-amplify-the-north-korea-info-flow/x/2680815) towards reconfiguring its website with RWD (Responsive Web Design). The goal: to deliver news-- translated in Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese -- more effectively across different platforms -- desktop, notebook, tablet, and mobile -- to our growing international audience.


- December, 2004: Launched Korean and English sites

- January, 2005: Began publishing regular column by Hwang Jang Yop, the former International Secretary of the North Korea Worker’s Party, birthfather of the Juche ideology, and still the highest-ranking North Korean ever to defect

- March, 2005: Broke news on found footage of a public execution in North Korea, which became the first-ever confirmation of a public execution in North Korea and was shown during a session convened by the UN Human Rights Council

- May, 2006: Broke news on found footage of another public execution in North Korea, this time in Haeju

- January, 2007: Launched Chinese and Japanese sites

- November, 2009: Broke news of North Korea’s currency redenomination and its aftermath. Major news sources –– including the New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN –– credited Daily NK with the scoop, and South Korea’s CIA-equivalent, the NIS (National Intelligence Service), routinely contacted the Daily NK news office requesting information

- December, 2009: Published North Korea’s New Year’s Statement a day in advance of publication by KCNA (North Korea’s official news agency) after obtaining it from an exclusive source

- October, 2010: Reported exclusively on the funeral of Hwang Jang Yop and his internment in an area of Daejeon National Cemetery reserved for persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to South Korean society

- May, 2010: Conducted seminar in Tokyo on North Korea strategy surrounding the Cheonan sinking

- July, 2011: Published a series of exclusive interviews in a book, NK People Speak, available for free via digital download. Months earlier, Daily NK staff went to the Sino-North Korean border to research the situation there and meet North Korean people. The team did not meet defectors, they met ordinary people: factory workers, traders and even Chosun Workers' Party members. The resulting text was acclaimed by many leading international think tanks, such as the Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE), and inspired a significant spike in web traffic. A softback version was also published in Korean

- September, 2011: Established news sharing partnership with Bloomberg

- July, 2012: Broke news of the ‘6.28 Policy’ focusing on North Korean economic reforms ordered by the Kim Jong Eun regime. Released approximately 20 stories over 45 days outlining the basic tenets of the policy, which focused on agricultural reform but did not address North Korea’s fundamental economic problems

- January, 2013: Published report, North Korea in 2012, in Korean and English that catalogued information from sources inside North Korea and special correspondents based across the Sino-North Korean border in China. The report tracked events taking place inside the country at the grassroots and administrative-levels following the death of Kim Jong II

- March, 2013: Released never-before-seen video of the North Korean market and kotchebi, North Korean homeless street children

Founded in 2004, Daily NK's staff includes South Korean democracy activists, North Korean defectors, and international researchers. Regularly cited by major international media -- such as The New York Times, China Daily, and the BBC -- the website is also a frequent target for cyber attacks perpetrated by hackers in China and North Korea. Site redesign will also include security upgrades to safeguard the free flow of information.

A new 20-page e-booklet -- Daily NK: Sounding Change in North Korea -- containing information about the people, history, and funding behind Daily NK is available via digital download here: dailynk.com/english/data_view.php?bbs_code=ebbs1&bbs_number=60&page=1&keycode=&keyword=

Funds raised that exceed our goal will go towards better equipment to gather and transfer news from inside North Korea to the outside world.

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