Once again he has made us
accept something better
denied: one more rose
on his breast before infinite moments
alone, one more snowfall to face.
It is just
as old Rex
he has gone
to his grace,
leaving us
so much less
of our own.


L1: In patriating the Constitution, Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau made Canada a nation.
L2: Trudeau's 16 year reign featured many social advancements.
L3-L4: Trudeau's trademark was a red rose in his lapel.
L5: In 1984, Trudeau took a walk in the snow and decided to leave politics. While skiing in November of 1988, his son, Michel, died in an avalanche. It snowed on October 3rd, 2000, the day Pierre Elliott Trudeau was buried. Winter came early that year.
L6: Before becoming Prime Minister, Trudeau served as Justice Minister. It was he who coined the expression "a just society".
L7-L13: CBC Commentator Rex Murphy's actual quote was: "He has gone to his grace, and that leaves so much less of ours."

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