Corporate Video for

produced, directed, Steadicam Merlin operation on GH1 and edited by Eduard Schneider
co-directed, shot by Mihnea de Vries on HVX200 & helicopter shots.
Main steadicam operation and 5Dmk2 photography by Mihai Lazar.
Motion graphics by Aliosha and Eduard Schneider.

thank you very much to all those who appear in it and those who have helped in the production process, Cristi Jeler, Ciprian Boca, Aliosha.

Special thanks to:
Mr. Marius Cristescu for his special advice, help and appearance.
Mr. Emil Cristescu for giving me full control and free hand over this production.
Mr. Professor Stoia for his trust in this project.
Mr. Emilian Dutu and Petre Racovita for permanent assistance and patience.
Alin Ciun, a great performer whith heart & soul.
Uwe & Darius Macinic for their outstanding performance and positive vibes.
Razor Candi for her special appearance and the right "bite".
Olav Bagyo for his dedication, tremendous help, military skills and appearance.
Berny, Rares.
Alin Dragoescu for his special appearance and finest cooking in Romania.
Florin Topor, Sebastian Bargau (Vis Urat), Dragos Daniel, Fazakas Albert, Jackie, Claudiu Costas, Andrei Hompoth from Airsoft Deva.
Radu Tarpe for help & patience.
Mirabela, Alexandra, Diana & the other girls.

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