USC is right in the middle of downtown LA. The neighborhoods around campus aren’t great, but ultimately, the reputation of the area is worse than fact. There’s a ton of different kinds of food places that are fairly cheap and open late, which is always good around a campus.

It’s weird to walk around USC because the campus really is nice, with nice enough looking people walking around doing college-like things in the middle of a run-down part of LA.

The gameday atmosphere is pretty crazy at USC, which makes sense considering there are 90,000+ people going to the games. People are tailgating on campus, around the Coliseum, and in the giant Sports Arena parking lot. Other than the fact that there are thousands of people grilling, drinking, and throwing footballs in front of libraries and assorted halls, there isn’t anything that stands out besides the huge number of people all around you. This sheer number of people getting excited about USC football is staggering, and the numbers have clearly grown alongside SC’s recent success, which is to be expected, and certainly a good thing for the school and the city.

USC students are generally attractive, well put together, and pretty loud (in a good way). The girls are as good-looking as those on any campus I’ve been to, but you get the impression that the snobby reputation that USC girls have isn’t altogether off (although the ones that I talked to seemed fine). Other than parking and ticket prices, there’s nothing at all that would keep me from going to a Trojan game. Good people, good atmosphere, good times.

Enjoy the episode.

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