Unlike the blind leading the blind, we are more akin to a group of blind-from-birth people who have all simultaneously been given the gift of sight but have no words or mental processing capabilities to work with this new gift. ~ antrocles

With Eyes Shut is an arts collaboration performance work led by director Reginald Tiessen and involves Canadian electronic music group Konqistador and USA based fusion/belly dance performance artist, Kendra Ray.

With Eyes Shut is inspired by the experimental 'Annabelle Serpentine Dance' silent film footage produced and distributed by Edison Manufacturing Company. The hypnotic trance serpentine dance performed by Annabelle Whitford in 1885 influenced our approach to create several psyche-trance performance vignettes which resulted in a fully developed performance for Konqistador's single 'With Eyes Shut'.

Featuring: Kendra Ray
Producer: hawkhaus
Director: Reginald Tiessen
Camera + Editing: Reginald Tiessen
Prod. Assistants: L. Graham + K. Ingram

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