Yellow Wood Films is partnering with Chicago artist/craftsman Greta de Parry to develop a reality show based on her one-of-a-kind, furniture pieces, her clients, and the drama surrounding “Greta de Parry Design”.
Our show; “Lumber Jane” will star Greta, her employee’s, shop partner, and her client’s. The show will be filmed in the style of “American Choppers” meets a “High-end design show”. The drama will zero in on Greta’s business operations, the antics in her shop and the eccentric people she deals with on a day-to-day basis.
Greta works alongside master-logger, woodworker, craftsman, carpenter, and musician Mr. Mike Jarvi; A man of few but powerful words. Mike is Greta’s “go to guy” when she finds a mountain of problems in front of her. Mike’s soothing “Zen Master” demeanor finds a way to put Greta back on track and conquer even the most demanding jobs. Greta’s employees are quite the contrast to our attractive tomboy star. Ross; her office manager, bookkeeper, and accountant is a meticulous clean freak that you won’t find anywhere near the dirt and grime of Greta’s workshop and their comical relationship plays out day-to-day in their constant bickering and disagreements. Greta’s intern; hired to help around the shop, is in over her head. The demands of the job, the long hours, the constant barrage of “Greta stalkers” showing up at the shop and the demanding cliental cause her frequent meltdowns.
Greta is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a background in sculpture, designed objects, & graphic illustration. In 2007 she was recruited as the sole artist in residence in a post-graduate program affiliated with SAIC.
Greta’s approach to her craft is simple; "Make things that people love, using only sustainable, urban-forested hardwoods from local resources”. Her pieces are handmade and each has a flavor and a story of its own. In Greta’s world “art” replicates life and every single piece built is a mirror of her client’s personality.
Greta herself could be a model, yet we find her cutting 1000lb logs on a sawmill in her shop as well as welding, fabricating, drilling, sanding and painting in a business that is generally ordained by men.
Greta’s strength and beauty as well as her skill in her craft will cater to the demographics of men and empower the women who watch her show. This is not your typical “reality show”. It carries a strong message in recycling, using local business, obtaining and using renewable resources, and creating something that lasts… including relationships, no matter how weathered they become. This show is guaranteed to be a hit with broad range in demographics, numerous spinoffs, product placement, merchandising and Greta herself becoming a mainstream name in the media world.

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