David E. Nabinger Jr. and I have spent this past weekend weekend Mastering the Mr Salsa Planet Lovetron TV Pilot Footage and Music shot recently. Special thanks to the performers on the Pilot Shoot: Johnny Rodriguez, David E. Nabinger Jr., Jason Mallery, Billy Stokes, Automatic Maddox, and Jasmine Stokes. Katrina Barnhill, Vicente Rodriguez Victor Rodriguez, Tim South y La Gran Orquesta EL Extreme: Ray 'Stingray' Sabater: Percussion, Brian Tully: Bass, Steve Gifford: Drums, John Caplis: Guitar Will Zwink: Alto Sax Mark Giammetei: Guitar . Plus our sponsors Lori Hanway's A Taste Of Amish, Grumpy Dave's David Harper and Dave's Cosmic Sub and Juliet Sky.
Becky Laabs at ART-A-SITE Gallery has scheduled every Sunday in August to polish the TV Pilot. The production crew will be shooting new inserts for the show in episodes.
Mr Salsa's Planet Lovetron TV Show Pilot Is Scheduled To Premiere in September at ART-A--SITE in Bowling Green Ohio and October 15th in NYC on MNN Time Warner. It is also Part of the Rocker Roller Rican University Tour
September 2013-March 2014
1. Phoenix, Ariz.
2. San Antonio, Tex.
3. San Diego, Calif.
4. Dallas, Tex.
5. San Jose, Calif.
6. Jacksonville, Fla.
7. Indianapolis, Ind.
8. San Francisco, Calif.
9. Columbus, Ohio
10. Fort Worth, Tex.
11. Charlotte, N.C.
12. Detroit, Mich.
13. El Paso, Tex.
14. Memphis, Tenn.
15. Boston, Mass.
16. Seattle, Wash.
17. Denver, Colo.
18. Baltimore, Md.
19. Washington, DC

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