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With all the standing work recently, and these kinds of exercises shown here, my knees have been really responsive of late. I have much more awareness in them, and sensation too when I, or anyone, touch them. In this exercise, in with the pull and push, I am striving to feel the muscles above the knees and use that sensation to control my pull and push and get more.

He has 2 harnesses, this one is free running, and helps carry the weight of the legs - as my muscles are not yet strong enough to do it all themselves - but allows me to work on control.

Every time I think about stopping, Hratch pushes me on, and his instructions make me get a bit more out of every push and pull. Listen to them, and you'll hear how positive they are, continually reinforcing the idea of me controlling them.

Here you can clearly see the tension in the legs. To get even this tension has taken hundreds of hours of work. This one also kills the stomach muscles!

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