In this video, Dhruv, our CTO, uses hand gestures to control a 3D walkthrough of an interior landscape. Imagine using this system for pre-construction property sales in showrooms. Customers could navigate around buildings before they've been built!

More details on the Showroom System:
'Use your hands to navigate through magical 3D landscapes (interior, exterior, real or imaginary). Perfect for real estate sales & marketing, tourism & city planning.'

Walk Around Buildings Before They've Been Built!

-Use your hands to navigate through magical 3D landscapes
-Add your own content and customize to your precise needs
-A fun interactive immersive experience
-Perfect for real estate sales & marketing, tourism and city planning
-Interactive User Experience
-Natural Gesture Control
-Device Free
-Wow Factor!
-Customizable Content & Gesture Library
-Metrics for Marketing & Research

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Visuals by Triangle Family 'Modern Interior Pack'
Music by Steven Becket 'Nice Day' from Freeplaymusic
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About H+
H+ is a group of visionary individuals who are leading a paradigm shift in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI).
We create customizable intuitive gesture (Air-Motion) based systems & displays (3D). The philosophy of H+ is technology should adapt to human behaviour and not vice versa.
 We believe in humanizing technology.

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