Skateboard assembly line is a short mock advertisement/portfolio piece.

As I am currently putting together a portfolio I thought it would be a good idea to start designing advertisements, starting at storyboarding through development ending up with a finished animation. I am doing this to not only to show a wide skill set but to also learn new software and set new challenges along the way to become a more solid and flexible 3D artist.

I started storyboarding the whole animation from start to finish with pen and paper, my goals were to learn several new pieces of software and to have a portfolio piece at the end. I then set out using Maya for the modelling stage and UV mapping in Headus UV. I wanted to learn a fluid simulation software so I decided I wanted the wheel to fluidly build upwards out of resin, Real flow was my choice for the simulation which I then took into 3Ds max to use Thinkboxs plug-in Frost (amazing by the way) to mesh the particles. Animation was done in Maya, texturing was achieved in Mari, whilst rendering was achieved with V-Ray followed by compositing in Nuke.

Everything you see here I created unless stated otherwise in the credits.

I learnt a lot on this project and I feel I have achieved the goals I set out to achieve.



Music: JULIAN JEWEIL - Dont Think [Minus] (MINUSMAX5)
Skateboard Image:

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