— What is the status of today’s technologies? What are the current trends that will revolutionize the industry for the coming years?

In this video, Gavin Payne - the head of technology at JWT MEA – tackles these questions and hopes to enlighten us on the current state of technology in the world. He talks about the rapid change that is revolutionizing the world to become a more mobile and digitally equipped place.

“If something makes a viable business idea, it will happen” is a claim which Payne believes that will produce a surge of new opportunities, thus fuelling the digital revolution.

He further shares some insights he has learnt from his long and prominent experience in the digital technology industry, which are:

• They don’t sell technology, rather, they sell experience
• Customer vs. Content: Put your customer at the center of everything you do
• Understand Social Media
• Innovation: is the art of failure

He also introduced NFC; a game changing technology that allows you to tap and interact with other NFC enabled devices. The goal of such technology is to enhance the fusion of both online and offline worlds. NFC can be used in a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to point-of-sale systems in stores.

Are you a techie and digital media enthusiast? See more of Gavin Payne’s talk at the STEP2013 April Conference!


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