I already conquered the grandfather of Philippine mountains (Mt. Apo) last 2008. But this time, I dared to scale the legendary mountain via Sta. Cruz (Sibulan) -Lake Venado/Century tree trail (walang awa/TAGAM trail) with Lemons. To describe our journey, fun was an understatement, it was diversely filled with love and peace, hatred and anger, but still lemon love triumphed amidst all! Lemons are not just my brothers and sisters in law school fraternity, they are not just my friends, they are my lemon loves! Pweh! That tastes sour!!! wahahahaha

some video clips courtesy of Rommel "Violet" Ciudadano

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Jefferson Airplane- Somebody to love
The Age of Aquarius
Simon and Garfunkel- Mrs. Robinson

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