A sampling of my commercial, film and personal work.

Project: “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2”
Tasks: I lit and composited all of these shots.
Software: Katana, Arnold, Nuke

Project: “Once Upon a Time” - Dragon Sequence
Tasks: I lit and rendered the dragon.
Software: Maya, V-Ray

Project: "Hotel Transylvania"
Tasks: I lit and composited all of these shots.
Software: Katana, Arnold, Nuke

Project: Track spikes (personal project)
Based directly on an actual pair of spikes I own, I modeled these using polygons that were then subdivided at render time.
Software: Maya, Mental Ray

Project: Brighthouse - “Robot”
Tasks: I modeled and UV'd all of the external robot foot and leg pieces, as well as about one-third of all the internal toy and robot parts. I was also on the lighting team for the two torso shots.
Software: Maya, RenderMan Studio

Project: “Banshee” - Road Fight
Tasks: I made modeling adjustments, laid out the UV's, painted the textures, shaded and lit the trucks.

Project: Naughty Dog – Logo premier for “Uncharted 3” announcement trailer
Tasks: I modeled the fragmented paw, as well as the “polished” paw and text, and troubleshot the lighting of everything after the fragmented paw.
Software: Maya, V-Ray

Project: Nissan - “Landing Gear”
Tasks: I was on the texture painting and shading team for the airplane, and I lit the airplane in the first, third and fourth shots.
Software: Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop

Project: Holster (personal project)
Tasks: I modeled, UV'd, texture painted, shaded, lit, rendered and composited everything. I kept the modeling as simple as possible so that I could edit it easily. I painted three maps for each shader: diffuse, reflection amount, and displacement. The render passes I created are diffuse, shadow, global illumination and specular. I created glows, chromatic aberration, lens distortion and vignetting in the compositing stage.
Software: Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop, Nuke

Project: Skechers - "Memory Sole"
Tasks: I lit the shoes, and tweaked their texture maps and shaders.
Software: Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop

Project: Cosmopolitan Hotel - “Current”
Tasks: I modeled the lightbulb sockets, and UV'd, texture painted and shaded them with another artist. Everything was created with enough resolution and detail to hold up at a resolution of 1920x4320 to be displayed on four tiled HD displays on 12 foot columns at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; what you see here is a quarter of the full rendered image. Please visit for more information.
Software: Maya, Photoshop

Project: “Once Upon a Time” - Jiminy Cricket
Tasks: I lit and rendered Jiminy Cricket.
Software: Maya, V-Ray

Project: iRobot - “Anthem”
Tasks: I modeled and UV'd the robots.
Software: Maya

14. Project: "Hemlock Grove" - Transformation
Tasks: I modeled the human skin that tears off around the werewolf muzzle. I laid out its UVs, painted its base texture maps and created its shaders.
Software: Maya, Photoshop, V-Ray

Project: “Shock Top – End of the World”
Tasks: I lit and rendered the alien.
Software: Maya, V-Ray

16. Project: "Morningstar" - Launch Trailer
Tasks: I was given very basic textures for the monster's skin and red/yellow suit, and I painted on top of them to create the final look development. I created all of the monster's shaders.
Software: Maya, Photoshop, V-Ray

Please contact me at with any questions.

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