California PC 1299 classes for bounty hunters must be approved by the California Department of Insurance pursuant to Insurance Code §1810.7 in order for a private citizen to enforce a private civil contract.

Bounty Hunting Laws are horrendously complex inasmuch as seeming convoluted and rife with paradoxical outcomes but, in actuality, are precisely interwoven to the extent that today’s bounty hunters must have a working knowledge of the legal puzzle in order to lawfully bounty hunt in California.

Bailspeak’s primary instructor made his first arrest 28-years ago while serving in the US Army’s Military Police Corps, and he has been active in civilian law enforcement overlapping with over 21-years of bounty hunting and then bail bond industry experience to include holding a bail agent license and lawfully operating a bail bond company since 1997!

The photographs, videos, verifiable testimonials installed on Bailspeak and its sister websites are there for you to view and protect you as a consumer.

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