The theme of divine presence, specifically God's presence on earth with his human creation, saturates the biblical story from its beginning to its end. The theme is front and center in the earliest chapters of Genesis and finds its conclusion and consummation in the last chapters of Revelation.

Divine presence is manifested in many ways. It may be expressed with grammatical simplicity in a promise ("I will be with you") or in dynamic time and space realities that describe the relentless movement of redemption, by God's initiative, from heaven to earth.

As Gary Pratico puts it, "The theology of divine presence is profoundly simple and yet it is simply profound. It is a topic of inquiry at the highest level of scholarship but, more importantly, it is a promise for everyday life and living. The reality of God's redemptive, sustaining presence in our lives is our source of hope, consolation and joy amidst the victories and trials of life. We don't have to "go it" alone; he is with us. He is our Emmanuel."

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