The ages-old terms are funeral or memorial.

We do these, but we like to offer the term, Life Celebration.

It's about marking a life lived, celebrating its impact, and leaving with both a tear and a smile.

Life Celebrations. You really have one chance to get it right. We do that.

At Ceremony Masters Ltd, we take everything we can gather about an individual life that has been lived -- work, relationships, hobbies, virtues, quirks, events, milestones and memories -- and we celebrate that in what we call a "Life Celebration." The result is a gathering that invokes elements that make for an event that will be long remembered and treasured.

Though we fully respect traditional services, we know that others may be more comfortable with this Life Celebration approach.

We work with your funeral director, family members, a variety of venues and other suppliers to bring your wishes to fulfillment.

The Life Celebration can take place in a chapel, reception center, a brewery, restaurant, park, cemetery, home, landmark, country club or any special place. Your beliefs, values and traditions are respected while engaging you and your guests in a unique and personalized event.

For more information, or to schedule a life celebration with the winner in the Evening Magazine "Best of Western Washington" competition for Best Officiant, call:

Dale Amundsen, president
Ceremony Masters Ltd.

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