Mac Mall's SIC WIT TIS music video directed by Chris Kirk. Classic Bay Area rap music video.

Mac Mall, (born Jamal Rocker in Vallejo, California) is a West Coast rapper who became known in the mid/late 1990s, as one of the local artists bringing the Bay Area on the hip hop map. Mac Mall was discovered by Mac Dre and was signed to Young Black Brotha Records.

One of Mac Mall's first singles was a song called "Ghetto Theme", and the music video directed by Tupac Shakur in 1993. He was also longtime friends with the Mac Dre, who was his mentor early on in his career / repairing their friendship a couple of years before Dre's death. He is one of the premier artists on Dre's Thizz Entertainment label. He is also cousins to E-40 and B-Legit.

In 1993 Mac Mall released his debut album Illegal Business? on the Young Black Brotha label. Khayree Shaheed worked as the producer and the album featured Ray Luv, Mac Dre and The Mac. In 1996 he signed a record deal with Relativity Records, which released his second album Untouchable.

In 2006, Mac Mall released Thizziana Stoned And The Temple of Shrooms.

VALLEJO'S CRESTSIDE neighborhood occupies a tear-shaped square mile on the northeastern edge of town, wedged between a major thoroughfare and the freeways shuttling tourists to nearby Marine World. Centered on Crest Ranch Park, with bucolic street names like Miravista and Haviture Way, it was clearly designed as suburban space -- modest homes with tidy lawns are laid out in traffic-impeding loops and dead ends, at once labyrinthine and insular. But far from being a commuter haven, Crestside is the toughest hood in Vallejo, home to a small, proud, extremely close-knit African American community that contributes a disproportionately large share of talent to Bay Area hip-hop.

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