Carpet Cleaning Orange County (949) 436-7768

Residue Free carpet cleaners of Orange County professionally cleans using new top of the line carpet cleaning techniques. We use a none soap carpet cleaning solution applied before the deep steam extraction takes place to break up all the stains, spots and dirt deep down in your carpet. Then we use a van mounted deep steam extraction unit that heats the steam to 230 degrees to sterilize the carpet and completely remove 98% of all the dirt spots and stains from your carpet.

Our Orange County carpet cleaning professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and equipment to tackle any stains and spots in your carpet. If we don't get the spots or stains out from your carpet then no one can remove the spots and stains from your carpet.

Pet urine is one of our specialty's to remove from your carpets. Our deep steam carpet cleaning process will kill all germs and rinse away all urine in your carpet. We also can treat your carpet with enzymes to break down any remaining urine deposits in your carpet. Orange County Residue Free carpet cleaners are able to treat the yellow pet stains that come with the urine deposits in your carpet. if the urine and pet odors are deep into your carpet padding then we will perform a pad replacement to get rid of the odor in the carpet.

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