Interactive sound-installation

The work »Evolution Of Silence« shows a virtual world, which is populated by artificial creatures. Each creature sounds in a tone, that is defined in its DNA, and is visually represented by a ray of light inside a holographic projection. The population of these creatures is steadily evolving in an evolutionary algorithm.
The virtual world provides an inaudible key as environmental condition. The more the tone of a creature fits the key, the louder its tone sounds, the stronger and broader its ray of light is, the more attractive it is for other creatures and the longer it lives. Thus it can produce many offsprings by mating other creatures. Deviant tones however are quiet, have a very thin ray of light and die quite soon.
That way the population inside this world evolves from a disharmonious and chaotic soundscape to a harmonic structure, fitting more and more the key provided by the environment.
After two to three minutes the environment key changes randomly and the soundscape turns immediately chaotic again. The population will adapt to the new environment again over the period of several generations.

The visitor can influence that evolutionary process by touching the rays of lights of these creatures and thus "feeding" them. If one touches creatures with deviant, disharmonious tones which are actually very weak and quiet, have a thin ray of light and would die very soon, they will get strong and loud immediately. Thus they are much more attractive for other creatures and can produce many offsprings. So the process of harmonizing controlled by the evolutionary algorithm will slow down and be complemented with disharmonies.

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