In 1950, an Academy of Erotic Anatomy was established in France. Υoung girls would learn how to give the first kiss. Kissing as a form of initiation to real life's topia and inner secret places. Carrying and caressing selves and the great other. In an academy teeming with secrets and elusive desire. Αnd they actually did... Ιn the most macabre mesmerizing manner.

Written & Directed by: Efi Gousi
Set & Costume Design: Vassilis Barbarigos
Original Soundtrack & Sound Design: Sofia Koubli
Vocals: Κonstantina Kordouli
Voice Οver: Amelia Pehlivanidis
Make Up & Ηair: Eleni Savidou
Shot & Edited by: Eirini Steirou
Camera Assistant: Adam Alexopoulos
Production Assistant: Aspa Dimitriadou
Words: No. E. More

Kalliopi Simou
Aglaia Pappas
Nefeli Papaderou
Nefeli Kouri
Dimitris Passas

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