Rehearsal of 12 x 12
Two ensembles originating in Flanders, the Capilla Flamenca and Het Collectief, are joining artistic forces to present a unique performance in the fall of 2007. The music world offers probably no greater contrast between two ensembles, and yet the groups have come up with a thematic common denominator: the zodiac.

Het Collectief discovered 'Tierkeis' by Karlheinz Stockhausen, a work inspired by signs of the zodiac and consisting of twelve short, concentrated melodies, supported by simple chords. Each melody illustrates the specific characteristics of a particular sign. The original version of this work composed in 1974 consisted of twelve music boxes each playing these characteristic tunes. Over the years, a number of chamber-music versions grew out of this material. In this programme, the work will be given additional colour by singers and by players of both modern and old instruments. The work is marked both by its uncomplicated harmoniousness and the radical avant-garde quality that we have come to expect from Stockhausen.

The link with Capilla Flamenca's celebrated 'Zodiac' programme was there for the making. In this performance, a broad selection from the Ars Nova repertoire balances the twentieth-century repertoire of Het Collectief. In the fourteenth century, the Ars Nova emerged from France to sweep through Europe. This new art (of living) broke with the stiff and ponderous ideas from the past (Ars Antiqua).
The shape of Capilla Flamenca's Zodiac programme was originally inspired by the splendid depictions of the signs of the zodiac that Duke Jean de Berry ordered from the Brothers Limburg: in these paintings the twelve months of the year and the changing seasons are identified with the twelve signs of the zodiac. In this sense, this work of art is an evocation of the inner temperaments of fourteenth-century man, whose life was to a large degree determined by the quixotic laws of nature.

In 12 x 12, the two ensembles truly invade each other's territory with New Art -- Ars Nova, resulting in a fascinating historical bridge between highly divergent music styles, genres and periods. The whole becomes a surprising mix of vocal, instrumental, old and new music performed by twelve singers and musicians.
école franco-flamande musique
ancienne polyphonie flamande Niederländische Polyphonie Zeitalter der Franko-Flamen Niederländer Schule Alte Musik Renaissance Niederländische Polyphonie Ancient music Franco-Flemish School Dutch School Flemish Polyphony Early Music

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