Welcome to the reality of Papillon, the Peanutbutterfly.

Here is “MY TrutH”, the first of a series of short films, illustrating songs from Papillon’s coming album “Calligraphy”.

The movie “MY TrutH” was filmed on Super 8mm, to honor and enjoy the technology of the past. 8mm film offered a classic way to grasp the light and texture of a day in the Life of Papillon, through the old school magic of celluloid.

“Calligraphy” is Papillon’s second solo album (following “The Amber Dawn”).
This project ventures further into the mind of a human hybrid, trying to find inner balance. It begins to unveil the point of view of the Peanutbutterfly in his search for understanding a confusing Human culture.

From Paris to Detroit, from Africa to the Caribbean, Papillon, a mixed blood humanoid, continuously churns the content of this planet’s melted pot, to extract the finest Butta music.

Stay aware, as more is to come from the ButterSide (including guest appearances by human artists like Amp Fiddler, Mike Wird, Jamal Bufford a.k.a. Buff One, 2YS, David Walters, Daz-Ini, John Banzai, Kinesis and many, many more).

Papillon's first solo album: “The Amber Dawn” is available on papillon.bandcamp.com
More videos are online on youtube.com/buttersidestudio
Like Papillon, the peanutbutterfly on Facebook facebook.com/pnutPapillon
Follow Papillon on Twitter @thebutterside

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