We are pleased to announce The 2043 Project, A Media Policy Center / Blackside Partnership on Human Rights.

EYES ON THE PRIZE is the most critically acclaimed documentary about Civil Rights in America. The 1987 series profiled key people, historical places and pivotal events in the Civil Rights movement between 1954-1985, weaving contemporary interviews with archival footage. EYES ON THE PRIZE revealed how the struggle for Civil Rights could open doors to a more inclusive and universal Human Rights evolution.

In the America of 2013, accelerated by forces of technology and demography, new dynamics appear in the unfolding paths toward racial and cultural parity. We need to--- and can--- tell these stories as they develop.

Where EYES looked backward at some 30 years of our Civil Rights struggle to bring it to the present, THE 2043 PROJECT will look at the present through the eyes of the next 30 years of our future; where EYES was primarily based on archival footage, 2043 will be contemporary and digitally interactive; where EYES told stories only for broadcast, 2043 will distribute a much wider range of media on digital devices and platforms, for all generations, to achieve greater connections among individuals and communities.

Learn more here. mediapolicycenter.net/the-2043-project/

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