CRECER MÉXICO is an emerging non-for profit trying to break an old pattern within Mexican society. What happens there is that a considerable amount of people need to leave high school to find a job, they need to earn money to help with the family expenses. Unfortunately, the majority of them don’t go back to school and because of the lack of education it becomes really difficult to progress their professional career. At the end of the day, they keep the same job for years without any substantial salary increases and therefore their children are likely to repeat this pattern.
This shows how even though Mexican economy is one of the largest in the world the country doesn’t thrive as it could.
CRECER MÉXICO is trying to improve this situation while educating adults so they can get better jobs and contribute to their families’ prosperity.

This video is in Spanish. It was shot in Mexico City on a DSLR.
It was really interesting to work on this story.

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