July 25, 2013 NY ICE (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) conducted Outreach at the Staten Island Ferry subway station in NYC.

NY ICE is the ONLY activist organization devoted to having our existing immigration laws enforced.

NY ICE wants Staten Island politicians who have spoken against illegal alien amnesty to remain OPPOSED to illegal alien trespassers, who are NOT immigrants, and are certainly NOT legal NY voters. There is a process to coming to this Country as a legal immigrant, a process that an illegal alien circumvents when he/ she trespasses across our borders illegally or overstays their visas illegally.

NY ICE wants our politicians to show some backbone, and stand firmly against the intimidation tactics of the other side. New York's legal voters are taking notice.

The 2nd Speaker's image is slightly truncated to display the "Ferry" sign in the background.

NY ICE was assaulted by a woman during this Staten Island Outreach campaign. You can view that here:


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