This is a montage I cut of footage I shot over the course of 4 weeks for the BBC/History Channel series "D-Day to Victory". We shot with Phantom Gold & Flex cameras as well as Weisscam and GoPro and 5D. We used 4 Phantoms on all the larger set ups to capture the event in one take, since they could not be repeated.

Sim Digital Toronto provided cameras and support for us, including the custom fibre optic hub and network to control and capture from the Phantoms in our bomb-proof bunkers which were often 400-800m away - beyond the range of standard SDI and ethernet.

Directed by Crispin Reece. Graded by Peter Lynch

Max McDonald of MaxFX supervised all of the explosives and live ammo gun work, as well as worked with us to create the custom blast housings for our cameras.

Andy Berry was the brilliant production designer who designed and built all of the amazing things we destroyed.

We used Cooke Mini S4 and 5i lenses. Everything you see is 100% real high order explosives, no VFX were used. This is all high order explosives, detonated under controlled conditions in CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada - Canada's largest military base. The scenes with snow were shot in the winter at MREL ballistics testing facility outside of Kingston, Ontario.

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